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We make all our garments with attention to detail and meeting the highest standards. Naturally, we offer warranties for many of our products. Please refer to individual products for relevant warranty information.

Outdoor Outfits has been manufacturing uniforms since 1945 and has been family-owned since its inception. Our business has been built on attaining the highest level of customer satisfaction through the manufacture, service, and supply of quality, innovative, and value-added uniform garments.

About Us - Our Commitment to Service

Our over 70 years of experience goes into the design, construction, and tailoring of each garment to guarantee optimum fit, comfort, and appearance. Garments are made and individually processed through a rigorous quality control ISO 9001:2015 system.

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Customizations & Custom Orders - Ability to Conform to Any Specification

Our garments are constructed and custom-tailored to meet the individual, specialized, and high-performance needs of uniformed Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Corrections, Security, Natural Resources, Municipal By-Law Enforcement, Transit Services, etc.

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Stocking Program

Our plant/warehouse has been operating in our current location since 1972, where we occupy approximately 30,000 square feet, at 372 Richmond Street West in Toronto. Our warehouse space affords us the ability to create and maintain stock programs when required/requested, thereby minimizing delivery lead times and uniform shortages at the customer’s end.

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